In good time and in bad time..

The power of determination and positive attitude is a key to success. We can both experience the bad and good time in life and it is considered a normal journey for everyone. The more you overcome your obstacles the stronger you become in person. We have to believe that whatever our situation currently, it will [...]

Being Judgmental…

Don't judge the person according to what you see momentarily because you don't have any idea who and what they are in reality. If you have not walked through into someone's own shoes then you don't have the right to say anything against that person. If you did, then yourself will have a thorough understanding [...]

The value of animals

We are animal lovers! They are simply amazing, our God made them perfectly to be an awesome family pet. By nature they can be your friend and peers for increase interpersonal relationships. They relaxes your mind and body from the environmental stressors. We are blessed to have a real interaction with them through our genuinely [...]