Don’t Take Life for Granted

Don’t take Life for Granted In the beginning I worried about myself and family daily needs. My priorities was the basic survival, making myself and family satisfied. To the extent that everyone must be counted in every steps of my way. My friend, although we are still young or whatever our health condition right now, [...]

The power of motivation

Motivation is one way of fulfilling our internal and external drive in a day to days function. We motivate ourselves to gain something good for ourselves, work and family. Why we need a motivation? In order to be happy, productive and satisfied. Do you think you will be able to meet your goals without motivation? [...]


Knowing your capabilities in execution of task defines self-efficacy. Why it is necessary? Self-efficacy is necessary, because it measures your self worth. It will help to mold your strengths in doing something at own pace. You are not afraid of showing off your passion, henceforth you enjoy instead. This behavior matters at work and in [...]

Don’t be afraid of Challenges

Challenges is a test to all of us. It can be heavy or lighter to everyone. We perceive the situation base on our own personality and behavior. No one is stress free, even those financially capable and physically healthy. We have to remember that God provided an obstacles for us to learn and overcome. We [...]

The beauty within…

Our beauty should not be measured into the outer aspect of human figure, rather into the innermost distinctions of a person. My physical imperfection has changed my life perception. It allows me to see internal beauty with a cheerful heart and mindfulness to the people. Acceptance of my limitations brought me at peace. Giving up [...]

Do whatever you believe!

In a world that we live in there are so much trials we encountered. But do we handle it fearlessly? So how? As far as I remember every single day we opted into giving up! Don't you know that you are almost closed to your success? People that mostly give up are those not capable [...]