Challenges can be overwhelming…

Today I just attended my continuing education units for my profession as COTA. It was a very educational and knowledgeable training outcome. While waiting for my family outside to pick me up, I received a call. The person on the other line stated that my family are alright despite the fact that our car broke [...]

Cheer up…

If your life have been down recently, cheer up and make things valuable at all time! I have been there every now and then, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. This is my life, and I would like to live the way I wanted it to be for myself, family and people that value me [...]

Life’s Survival

There are two things in life’s survival; to quit or to fight. If you quit you loose, and by fighting you will be able to move forward although it’s a hard journey. So, you choose if where is more valuable to your own principles.

The toughest challenges

The toughest circumstances to think is you are not sure what will be your family’s life on the next day. Your only hope is to get an answer for the most awaited moment you and family are asking for. It is a very hard fight...God give us a heavy yoke according to our capacity to [...]

God never ceases us..

When there is a storm it rains, and when it stop sunshine comes next. Then we’re starting to see the rainbow at the end. God never ceases us in times of adversity. We are forever grateful for all of His wonderful creation and instrument to keep us strong and positive day to day. The gratitude [...]