The hole (stoma) on my lower anterior neck, is a reminder that I surpassed the biggest challenge of my life. A tracheostomy, is an emergency surgical procedure where a small incision on my trachea (windpipe) has been made to insert a tracheal tube and breathe through a machine. It is a life saving machine, and [...]

Stressors Effect

Stressors are anything that makes us tired and stressed out. It can be related to work, family, friends, school, and something that affects us mentally, physically and emotionally. For this several weeks, I unable to slept well and had several body pain. I am sure, these all related to my stressors. Although I tried harder [...]


The reflection of myself on the mirror, uneven tone, fairness of the skin and the strange looked of people, are a blissful reminder of me being different. I am different in a good way that I overcome everything, the negativity has brought more of finding my strength and compassion. It is a gift, that I [...]

Body Healing

Our body composed of muscle, bones, organs and tissues. Once we are injured, pain can be bearable and unbearable. The healing process can take a while, depending on how severe the damages are. As based into my injuries and surgeries, the healing process wasn't fun. I agonized the pain and my physical limitations day to [...]

I Worked Hard

I worked the hardest for my recovery. I learned that with positive vibes, overcoming adversity is always around us. With continuous support from the family and friends, motivation in holding tighter become natural. I said, giving up would be the last thing in my mind. I'll keep on working my hardest until to my full [...]

Keeping the Positive Spirit Alive!

Positive spirit means keeping of yourself in positivity despite of negativity and obstacles you have. The power of positivity alter the thought process into a good side, and possible solution to the problem. Currently, we are on our final process of moving in to the house. Supposedly, this week is our anticipation to be in [...]