An Angel Sent from Above…

It has been over a week now that our car become our everyday bases as a roof over our head. A lot of different circumstances in our life which very new to us. There were times that we have to utilized our survival instinct for day to days survival. Motivational strength and willingness to go above and beyond the hurdles is a must needed.

So we went into ups and down while our family where staying in a car. Blissfully we’ve been accepted in a facility with daily free hot food, clothing, hygienic stuff, and, shower program. It has been our day to days routine that must have to wake up early, have the kids to be ready prior to school and drop them into their respective educational settings. And me still pursuing my educational journey for an online class.

Challenges have been in and out in our daily lives while away from our sweet home. Several times that our car broke down while on a road, with prayers an angels have been sent to help us. Financially, too many bills left unpaid but we keep on going.

We felt the feelings and in situation of homelessness. I observed and interacted with number of homeless people. We heard and felt their emotions and battles for survival. I emphatically stood in their own shoes, and they are still considered great people. Our kids have learned the importance of humanity and kindness to anyone.

For these, I have a noble plan for the homeless community with my family and children’s involvement. In this way the family legacy of humanity kindness will be pass along to them.

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