Being Judgmental…

Don’t judge the person according to what you see momentarily because you don’t have any idea who and what they are in reality.

If you have not walked through into someone’s own shoes then you don’t have the right to say anything against that person. If you did, then yourself will have a thorough understanding of their lives. Comparing you own life to them is not helping at all, henceforth you just being selfish and not empathetic to such individual.

Whatever your life you are enjoying right now, don’t be proud of it so much because no one knows what will be yours in the future. Someone out of no where are suffering for survival, did they complain? Maybe yes or maybe not.

Why I am writing this? Because I would like everyone to reflect themselves in a predicament that if you are in a very tough times, what would you do? If you saw someone on the street homeless and begging for help? If you have known a family asking for a support secondary for their home situation? If you have known a family with special need but with limited resources? If you have known a family with disabled family members? What if you have known someone that already asked for different help of shelter but it doesn’t work? What will you do?

In this world we can basically make a difference as long as each individual are willing to help. But no one is forcing you to do unless it come from your heart. Just remember, whatever we have right now is not forever…anyhow and anywhere it will end. We don’t know when and how it will happen. Just be prepared and have a total reflection of yourself.

We are in these storm….but for sure once this end we would like to make a difference. It’s a wake up call!!! Making a difference to humanity is my aim goal for a lifetime.


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