Challenges can be overwhelming…

Today I just attended my continuing education units for my profession as COTA. It was a very educational and knowledgeable training outcome.

While waiting for my family outside to pick me up, I received a call. The person on the other line stated that my family are alright despite the fact that our car broke down. I was speechless…..Another challenges have been added to our life. Hmmmm… I breathe deeply and said, “We still gonna be alright”.

As I summed up our obstacles from the very beginning until now, these can be very overwhelming. I have a feeling of the world is turning upside down and against us.

Moreover, I have to keep my sanity intact and be on a positive side of the situation. We don’t have any control of any unexpected circumstances, but we can lessen or eliminate our anxiousness and negativity by pacing and positivity on hand.

If we’re able to survived on the traumatic event in our life before, then we can make it also this time and anytime.

God we turn everything to you!

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