Beyond Struggles…

Stress is a day to days struggle that everyone are facing to. The stressor can be draining mentally, physically, emotionally and physiologically. It drains more into yourself, especially if it’s too much to bear.

Currently, we are going through more than everyone know. It is not a good feeling, especially if you’ve been told that it will happen and been going around the circle. Do you think it will not be upsetting? The feelings is unbearable, having in our own shoes is beyond compare. I cried and letting go of my emotions.

I am still holding on tight, although I am emotionally drain. We are still surviving and staying together with my family. I loved them so much that me and my husband are doing the best to keep us together with our children.. Yes, our storm is more that I can handle. But, God is my strength and refuge. My family, genuine friend and kindhearted individuals are my shelter.

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