The hole (stoma) on my lower anterior neck, is a reminder that I surpassed the biggest challenge of my life. A tracheostomy, is an emergency surgical procedure where a small incision on my trachea (windpipe) has been made to insert a tracheal tube and breathe through a machine. It is a life saving machine, and been done to save my life due to a blockage on my airways. Without this procedure, I probably not survive because of incapability to breathe on my own. I was in this machine for 6 weeks in order to survive while on a comatose stage.

Every time I saw myself on a mirror and palpate the stoma, it made me stronger. People may not know the significance of the hole, but to those who know it is a life changing event.

Despite the fact that it is visible, I am not ashamed to show it to the world. This made me who I am today and for tomorrow.


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