Body Healing

Our body composed of muscle, bones, organs and tissues. Once we are injured, pain can be bearable and unbearable. The healing process can take a while, depending on how severe the damages are.

As based into my injuries and surgeries, the healing process wasn’t fun. I agonized the pain and my physical limitations day to day. But did I ever give up? No, I haven’t!

I’ve learned many important lesson on my recovery. Taking the prescribed medication is necessary, proper diet, relaxation, exercises and must be physically and mentally active. To the point of knowing my body limitations and pacing of an activities are recommended.

Doing what is right or just a right challenge for myself helps me more. I have learned that, as long as the eagerness to get better and having a motivation of moving onward, can speed up the recovery.

Only you knows your body, no body else can. Keep active and do whatever deem necessary, and you can recover better.


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