Don’t Take Life for Granted

Don’t take Life for Granted

In the beginning I worried about myself and family daily needs. My priorities was the basic survival, making myself and family satisfied. To the extent that everyone must be counted in every steps of my way.

My friend, although we are still young or whatever our health condition right now, thinking ahead is necessary. Why I said so? We don’t know what our life lies ahead of us. We maybe healthy today but somehow our health deteriorate. We may get sick or have an unexpected life changing event that cannot be avoided. How we can prepare ahead?

Have something for rainy days and get a work benefits (short and long term disability). We don’t hold our life, any life event can happen anytime. If I did not voluntarily get the benefits of short term and long term disability insurance from my work, I would be in a highest jeopardy. After my accident, I have to pay my bills and unable to work. But with the benefits, at least it help us momentarily.

Plan ahead and be prepared.




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