Self-Advocacy for somebody’s hope

A year ago where my hope and world turn around into an opposite diversion, the situation were difficult to bear. I agonized the way my life turn into a hopeless timeline of progress. Unbearable pain and begging for comfort often I asked from my loved ones and medical staff who spent time for my recovery. The hope were there but I felt horrible and hopeless. I don’t have much to do, but then contemplated of the worse situation may have to come . In everything we have done, time and circumstances is unpredictable.

Why I never stopped from sharing my life’s journey? I am here to let everyone understand and internalized that every circumstances have hope. You must go into the deepest part of your heart and know your intentions, purpose and beyond. If for now you are in questions of your own heavy load, it is alright. I have been there many times and even nowadays. If whatsoever you are facing right now please give a favor to yourself….don’t give up. God is in control of everything. He will not allow us to have it all, if we alone don’t have much to handle

Sending positive vibes!

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