We can make a difference…

Have you ever thought  of yourself if you can make s difference? Do you know how and why? Yes, we absolutely can. Sometimes we in doubted of our self capability in which we basically can. The challenges is on how to start with it. I am too, so you are not alone. I have contemplated before if I could make it up to this far on my recovery. Since I made a self-solemn promise, I am eventually been fulfilling it well up to this far. . ..The same thing as we do in all daily basis, a matter of dedication to your part.

Only you can make a difference for yourself nobody else! Never mind the criticism it’s part of humanity thought process. But then we alone can make a difference with the system itself for a better and nice place to live in. Focus on your soul purpose, aim and be blessed!

If you think positive spirit wasn’t on me I can be an inspiration to all you? I don’t think so. I am doing these because by proving it myself according to my life experiences, I myself makes a difference and so you do.

Positive thought and positive mind! Either it can be at home, work, school and anywhere at anytime let us do it! I love you all!

If you have self doubt to yourself comment below. Thank you!


Reyna Loreto Holly

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