We can be the happiest person as we want to…

It’s hard to be happy.”

Some people may think of this perception. Precisely, we can be happy anyhow if we choose to….

Before, I was too close of giving up to be with my family, friends and colleagues. To be able to do what I am passionate to, love to, enjoyable to and happy with. I felt it’s hard to pretend happiness if we can’t let go the negativity in our heart. Even a simple smile to anybody was a struggle, due to gesture and feelings are hard to compensate. Being truthful to yourself alone is necessarily.

Meanwhile, with my eagerness and dedication to have me in a right direction of my life, I feel blessed. Uplifting oneself is priceless indeed and it is the best way of keeping our conscience happy.

Sometimes self pettiness is unavoidable secondary to unexplainable pain in my body. Did it stopped me to be joyous? I would say ….Not at all!

We have to exercise mindfulness….around the world many people has suffering in various circumstances. But still they found themselves to be happy, grateful and thankful, even in a simple way. It should be with the same aspects as we do!

For myself the burdens are endless since the day I was born until now. It has been incredibly included in our life and ended until the day God put us to rest. While staying alive for the rest of my life cycle, doing meaningful and joyful moments is necessary.

Here how I made myself happy:

  • Strong Faith
  • Feeling grateful and thankful
  • Life Simplicity
  • Smile
  • Say good things even others don’t
  • Help in a little way
  • Uplifting someone
  • Letting go of grudges
  • Maintaining family and friends communication
  • Strong family bond
  • Replaced  negativity with positivity
  • Love, peace, humbleness and care


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