How I perceived LIFE after my Injury?

LIFE is a precious gift given by God for us to enjoy to the fullest and make used of it accordingly to our purpose.

My life before prior to my injury was mostly on family, work, church and friends. The attention were more on the current situation. I did volunteering also but I stopped after I got a full time job. Enjoyment…enjoyment…until I had my severe injury and been disabled in which unable me to  go back working on the prior job due to strength limitations.

So, my Life changes…..I perceived my life now in different ways.

  • Let God be a center in our Life
  • Life should not be taken for granted
  • Spending more quality time to the family
  • Positive vibes personality is needed
  • Be an inspiration and motivation to others
  • Humbleness is a must
  • Forgive and forget
  • Extend hands if you are capable to: Little things can be a big things
  • If in stress just smile
  • Don’t say anything if you could not say anything good
  • Be mindful of someone’s feelings
  • Count your true friends
  • Stay connected to your loved ones
  • Count your blessings

We make our LIFE the way we wanted it to be. Do good and say positive spirit to bear fruits of Love, Mindfulness, PEACE, Happiness  and HUMILITY to humanity!


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