Our Hurdles can be Lighter by the Way you Hold it on our Shoulders…

It is undeniable that hurdles is part of our life existence since the day we are born. We sacrifices and stand to our virtue for survival. Literally, the heavy loads become lighter and easier to the way we think our battles on each day.

If there are issues that holding you back, you should learn to let go. Facing to the obstacles that has been bothering you for quite a while will help out to find peace within. Letting go and forgiveness are just like magic, that will ease out the pain, confusion, agitation, fault finding, depression and paranoia of life.

Two days we visited our home reconstruction site. We went inside and checked the details of construction improvement. As we were inside the house, it flashbacks the incident happened from last year. I felt the pain and numbness on my body at that time being. In which I knew it is expected to happened. Although it was a quite a feelings from myself and my loving family, hesitation was not an issue alone.

I learned a lot from our time being we’ve faced our battles. It was very rough and had not been all known that we could come this far. Medical bills left and right, family health issues, transitional living arrangement and financial stability become the core issues….Henceforth, we stayed-fast, openminded and hold our hands together in overcoming our hurdles.

Nevertheless, God become the center in our lives.


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