A life after my injury and surgery …

Each day I managed to performed the routine schedule I used to be. But not all of the task becomes so easy to execute. There are still complains of struggle I am dealing with from time to time.

The struggles I am facing from time to time are:

  • Shortness of breathe on strenuous activities
  • Pushing/Lifting/carrying of objects beyond my tolerance is poor
  • Light headed due to fatigue
  • Slight pain on the sternum surgical area
  • Abrupt running or speed up walking is challenging
  • Prolong bending and reaching in low level posses spasm on my knees
  • Pain on spine after cutting/slicing of hard objects

While I’m struggling the upper hand mention, survival is my top priority. I know that it will takes time to heal and get back to my normal tasks routine for a while.The good note is that, I can do certain activities with modification and work simplification techniques. Their is no impossible to someone with strong desire to make things possible. We always can makeshift’s the visionary goals based on direction of the wind and can still arrived to the same destination. Whatever we are going through, thinking positivity is a must to do.


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