The transformation

After the trauma, it incredibly changed my world and perspective of thinking. Life should not be taken for granted. Material is less valuable comparable to precious moment spent to our loved ones. Creating good memories is far beyond grateful that we could imagine. In everything we do Let God be the center in our Lives.

We can be anybody if we want to. Hatred and jealousy are the toxicity in family and other relationships. Build compassion, love and empathy to everyone, then peacefulness will follow after. Avoid building grudges if you could, it is a life terminal sickness.

Laugh and be happy like no body is watching with you. Accept for who and how you become. Create works of wisdom and legacy as a good contribution to the community. Expect less but share more. If others don’t like you, make them like you instead. Utilized your weakness to bridge you strengths towards success. Fight for bullying and racism they don’t have place in our community.

Have your own values, beliefs and principles be your own personal guidelines in making your life to the fullest.

It’s my life and I have the pleasure to be in better control of all my doings and so yourself.

Reyna Loreto Holly

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