My valuable Time Piece

Yesterday, I had my watch battery replacement at the mall, I wore this time piece on my traumatic incident at home. It has been over a year since the last I’ve been wearing it. I was kind of in skeptical wearing this watch at first, secondary to it reminded me of the incident. In reality, whatever the situation there of, we have to accept the fact heartily. Either we like it or not embracing is the key for a peaceful living.

This piece is a treasure to be keep for a lifetime. It tells me that our time is not yet to come if God’s forbid it to happen. The remaining time is very valuable to me. So every seconds is a piece of gold that I don’t want to be wasted.

Whether your time is fine, remind yourself that anytime it would changed drastically. Spending time to your loved ones build memories for a lifetime. It won’t matter on how you would like to make it happen, the most valuable part is by making it possible.

To others they will say “I don’t have time”. Yes! You have enough time! If there is a will, there is a way! Our time is very precious, whatever has been utilized it cannot be taken back,

You can start sooner and money should not be a hindrance for making it real. It is not intended to be lavish. Making memorable memories can be done at home, park, beaches or any occasion which family gathering existed.

During my hospitalization, I made a clear promise to myself that it would be different as I get better. Spending more valuable times to my loved ones became a reality. And not the least become an inspiration and motivation to all.

Loving yourself and others will make a difference.


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