You are a Strong Woman that you never thought of…

Almost everyday we encountered desperation, disappointment and sadness in our lives. But with gratitude and positive attitude we overcome them. It’s because of our own actions and beliefs with strong faith and our prayers in all our own doings.

Signs that you are a strong person:

  • Have strong Faith – strong beliefs and faith in God that all just temporary. All will be fine eventually in due time.
  • Positive spirit- despite of obstacles, someone’s never ceases to give up the challenges.
  • Independent – believed in one’s ability in doing the tasks of herself
  • Turns trials into inspiration- utilized the obstacles as way to move further and do better
  • Open to challenges – never afraid of any short comings, she welcomes it with open arms
  • Uplifting others – you help others to overcome their life hurdles
  • Compassionate and kind to others – provide extra hands to one in needs
  • Shows emotions – never afraid to cry and expresses feelings on the situation
  • Expresses unconditional love – you showcase your love to anybody without any question
  • Knows how to find happiness- engage oneself into a meaningful activities for fulfillment

Our life are full of surprises. We have to opt to expect for any unexpected outcome. Anyhow whatever the case maybe, life must go on.


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