Why is it necessary to be Calm?

There are circumstances on each day that you and I encountered unexpectedly. It can be overwhelming that the thought process has been affected. It could also lead to thinking clearly is impossible.

It has been successive that one of our family member has to be taken to the hospital due to glucose issue. She became disoriented, confused, weak, unable to follow 1-2 steps simple direction and occasional emotional lability. Likewise, she became weak and unable to move without assistance. All of these brought us much concerned for her medical status.

So if we did not acted calmly it could be difficult for us to handle the situation.

Here are the beneficial for being calm;

  • Better planning – able to analyze the situation and planning techniques.
  • Executed the necessary measures – have able to follow through the safety plan in due time.
  • Safely cautious- do things safety as necessary accordingly.
  • Less anxious – breathing is much better and better understanding of the situation.
  • Clear communication – able to verbalized and send communication with clarity.


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