If in doubt, you should clarify…

Speculations without clarification is disastrous.

I stepped in into a room where I have to pickup up my son. Long and behold the way they looked at me is so deep up to the bone.

The world we lived in has become our own day to days journey. There are times that we have to learn how to handle challenges and beyond to our comfort zone. No matter how we tried to deal with our own actions smoothly you can not make it perfectly run through.

We know that we have been given our own responsibilities, and mishaps oftentimes cannot be avoided no matter how hardest we tried.

My point of view is, why not approached the parents in a compassionate way and talked about the way it has to be changed. Customer services should be emphasized and empowered to provide better interpersonal outcomes between parents and the education professionals. Why not talk and be willing to help with the family challenges?


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