Why we need to build self-esteem for ourselves?

What is self-esteem?

It is a reflection of ones behavior of what he/she believes of oneself. An evaluation of ones self-worth/value.

Why Self-esteem is beneficial?

  • confidence
  • Values/beliefs
  • Better decision makingSelf-worth
  • Open to new learning / challenges
  • Goal- Oriented
  • Opportunity seekers

What happened if you have low self-esteem?

–A person with low self-esteem don’t believe of themselves and they believe to others for their failures. Negativity is somewhat into their minds, luck of confidence and happiness. Very vulnerable to feedbacks for the negative outcomes. They tends to have poor quality of life due to poor decision making and judgement of themselves.

What we should do to develop self-esteem?

  • Community volunteering
  • Connecting to people
  • Increase positive self-talk
  • Eliminate life’s negativity
  • Develop sense of integrity
  • Be assertive in all aspects
  • Know your value/beliefs

Our quality of life depends into the level of our Self-esteem we possessed. If we want a better outcome seek for good Self-esteem. It is very promising if you can find your soul purpose in developing your self-worth. For love of thyself you will do amazing things to whatever it takes for your life’s fulfillment. I know you can do it…just devote your time and effort …be patient. …patient…


wall picture photo portrait
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

References: Self-esteem ; Mayo Clinic

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