My trials are my strength…

I stumbled many times…and I cried! I sailed and shifted to another direction. I swam and drowned due to uncertainties. So many trials to mention and never ending self inflection but all I can say is … they made me stronger.

It’s my strength to sustain the highest level of hurdles. As long as we live here we can be happy, blessed and beyond grateful for the rest of our lives. Make use of your instincts and be the best in you to get your success.

Success comes with sacrifices, determination, inspiration, dedication, confidence/fate in yourself, humbleness and selfless kindness.

Everyday never stopped on having a self-talk and visualization of what, where, why, who and how you want to be. Nothing wrong with that, we are all entitled to have a better life. Don’t let anybody refrain you from dreaming and working from it.

Remind yourself you are special, valuable, smart and can do above and beyond! Be proud of yourself! And be thankful to God for allowing you to enjoy His creation.


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