Manual Therapy Benefits

Yesterday our son was complaining of body pain, colds and not feeling well. He don’t feel like going to school also. We called his pediatrician clinic but no available spot as of the moment. So we decided to buy an over the counter multi -symptoms medication for him.

At home I asked him to take a warm shower prior his bed time to feel fresh and increase nasal passages of colds into his nostrils. Since he was complaining of pain, I performed a Manual Therapy from head to toes. He felt relaxed and were able to slept well throughout the night with minimal coughing. I monitored him throughout the night making sure he was doing alright.

As he got up this morning, he stated of feeling better and less nasal discharges and coughing. Although he was feeling alright we still be taking him to his pediatrician today for health assurance.

Being a mother we have to do the best as we can for our children. Love is very powerful and comfort is necessary for our kids to keep them healthy all the time.

Below are Benefits of Manual Therapy;

  • Decrease pain
  • Increase performances
  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase blood flow
  • Mobilization of joint
  • Relaxes the muscle tissues by manipulation

Children is our family treasure. Through tender, loving and care will makes a huge impact in their lives as thy grow older. My kids are my Life! 


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