You can’t be better until you tried …

Hesitation to do something new is very challenging to some of us. Several times during my high school days I was afraid to be in front of many people. My self-esteem and confident was way behind than anybody from my classmates. Even talking in front of class for a short class report is I have to pushed myself more for a better grade.

Until I went into college, my responsibilities changed, especially I had been elected as one of the student representatives from our college department. I don’t have any other choices but to attain my responsibilities. As I did more exposure to the public, my self-esteem and understanding of my capabilities became clearer and acceptable to me. If I did not try that time to be a student representative, my strengths in specific aspects could not be developed. Surely the desire and willingness of oneself to try something new will absolutely directs you to know your own ability.

As I relates to my personal experiences recently of my recovery it blossoms positively. I am not afraid to deal with all of negativity. Their are times were my body pain started from one part and excruciating to other body parts. My pain get worse based on the day spent and on how active my day was. By doing into some venting tasks my pain management got better. Moreover we must not step back for trying something new, go forward and try.

The likelihood of trying are;

  • Developed your strengths/capabilities
  • Increase your performances
  • Develop self-esteem/confidence
  • Chances of meeting new people
  • Adapt up to date new skills and knowledge needed in the industry
  • Possible better revenue

Pushing yourself can do better. Don’t hesitate to tryout.


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