When one door closes, another one opens…so be hopeful!

Often times when ourselves had an experiences with bad memories and traumatic feelings we lost hope. Giving up on your own strengths and compassion for your success is not enough for you to do with survival. Always weigh in yourself the positivity more than the negativity.

Last week I engaged myself in a motivational speaking to the new students of OTA program in a university which was successful. Next week will be another one in a community organization to the individuals who suffered traumatic events in their lives. All these opportunities was nevertheless been in my mind before.

Since my traumatic incident, the possibility of new opportunities as an speaker opens. I had an experiences to be in a crowd before as  a teacher to be with the parents of my students way back in the Philippines during the parents and teacher conferences, then as a guest  speaker for the graduates of my elementary alma mater. Although those were quite a valuable part for being a speaker , it’s quite different from nowadays as myself went into the hardest challenges of my lifetime.

The empathy, compassion, courage and resiliency of myself put a huge difference between before and now. I truly believe that yourself will have an in depth understanding and acceptance of what are the challenges are until you placed yourself into the actual situation. Seeing, feeling and hearing has a huge difference comparable to personally you are on it. My life’s values, beliefs and desires made into a 360 degree turn around after all I had been through. Being a driver of your hurdles is different than being a passenger of your own.

So if today you are struggling for some reason, someday you will have new opportunity to explore. Be positive…positive…positive…!


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