Reaching out the community for my Advocacy!

To start is a hard thing to do. Acceptance and humiliation of oneself requires motivation. To be out of yourself and be a living testimony does need strong determination and perseverance personally.

I am answering my calling, God have granted my second life for a purpose . In our world their are many people suffering from depression due to traumatic event, abuse, family/children’s lost and many more. Themselves requires someone to be an eye opener of enlightenment that “There is a light at the end of the tunnel” . Me alone is a living testimony after all I’ve had been through, I overcome them with my family, friends and coworkers support. 

My advocacy are the following;

  • Burn and Energy Conservation Lecturer
  • Speaker for Overcoming Life’s Adversity
  • Children’s Disabilities Education to the community

In Gods grace I am aiming for my life’s purpose. I am forever grateful that I can be a great advocate to the community.

Nothing is impossible if you alone are motivated and inspired to execute meaningful activities that can be a living legacy of oneself  and the next generation to come.


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