Handicapped with disabled children

Now a days people have to be educated on what are the capabilities and limitations of the handicapped parents they are dealing with the disabled children. The abled child should not be compared to the disabled child according to the qualities they are capable of executing to. Able parents can do so much better than those of the handicapped parents physically.  It is really sad that the society are luck of education. Some has been judgmental in every steps of the way the handicapped parents currently facing with.

Each parenting style depends on the child needs. Dealing with disabled child is more close guarded, safety lock and eye sight tight every move they do. Secondary to just a blink of an eye they can do wanders without you knowingly. The mentality is far way behind to the reality, instead of to exercise empathy and compassion to the family, it become the opposite. We parents

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Photo by Sabeel Ahammed on Pexels.com

are the voice of our children and advocate of the medically needy one. Let’s go hand in hand to change the mentality, you and me can make a difference.


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