After the Storm

So today we ( husband and I ) went to the hospital where I had my hospitalization to see my therapists and other medical professionals who in one way showed their empathy and compassion to me and my family.

I was thrilled about the warmest welcome of the staffs as we entered into the conference room. It was a surprise visit to them and had a chance to expressed our gratitude on how their greatness has been highly appreciated.

As a patient we would like to recognized the medical professionals hard worked in which seldom has been appreciated by some. I would like to become an advocate as a 3rd degree burn survivor. Without their unending dedication and compassion they are engaged with, we could be at lost too. But we patient must plays a vital role in our rehabilitation journey as well.

I knew it makes a big difference once someone appreciates the hard work of ours,  as I myself been in a healthcare profession too. A little thing can turn into huge impact of their lives. Each one of us can execute more than we knew. A little warm note or anything simple will be much appreciated.

ORMC of Orlando, Florida rocks and they work above and beyond! Thank you for your dedication! I love you all!


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