Blessings on a Right Time

One of my old friend from church called me the other day and checked on how me and my family were doing after the tragedy. She really felt sad about what we had been through throughout the years. I felt her support and compassion as a good friend of ours.

And today she called us back again and checked our situation. She asked me to come to their house for a visit and have a lunch together.

We had enjoyed our time spent together and were having a good laughter by cracking some jokes.

It has been a while since the last time I saw her from church as we’re both choir member. Then after eating as I am heading home, she gave me bunches of home cooked meals and snack goodies for our family. I can’t thank enough for the blessings I had gotten from her.

God really knows our needs and she uses people to serve as an instrument to fulfill our needs.

It was the same thing also that has been done by my other friends and coworkers to support our family.

Appreciation is not enough to these people for they contributed support above and beyond their heart.

When one door closes, other door open. Blessings comes when you don’t expect. My God we appreciated your blessings from time to time for us. We do thank you and love you always. Our heart and life belongs to you. Amen.


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