How to motivate oneself?

The biggest challenges to all of us is to start. To take part of the goals we are ultimately dreaming of to pursue in our highest potential. Are we just contented to set beside and be on day dreaming status, waiting for the luck to come? Are you not going to do something motivational as a good start?

People who luck a motivation to do will be left behind for success. Do you know why? Do you know how to motivate yourself?

How about let us do this; Start with the WH questions.

  • What– is your habit? Your goals?
  • Who – whom are you going to offer it to? For yourself or someone else?
  • Why –  the reason for executing your goals
  • When – are you going to start working it? For how long?
  • Where – the ideal place where you want it to takes place?
  • How – are you going to perform?  Does it involve someone’s help or by yourself?

Now you can start doing your part and motivate somewhat meaningful and important to you. Only you can make a change and good improvement of yourself. You make use of the people that surrounded you. Be resourceful, utilized any opportunities that can be possible of your success. Don’t be dependent on people, you have to do a leg work. Just enough is not enough it needs to be above and beyond.

If I am motivated to do something I aim for it. I have to plan, set goals and execute the goals. Talking is not enough You have to walk the Talk“.


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