Filling-up the gap of Employment History

two men and two women standing on green grass
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Now a days if you submitted your resume to the recruiter they will looked into your employment history. Having a huge time break between employment posed a questions to them. What you should do to prevent the huge gap from happening?

Here are following tips to consider:

  • Volunteering- while searching for possible job engage yourself to any community volunteering task.
  • Participate to any community outreach activities
  • Involvement to Fundraising events
  • Enroll for furthering your career

By doing so, you can make use of these to write as an additional activities on the resume. Personally I went to these route while pursuing my certification for my therapy professional career and landed a job. Not only that it will looked great on your resume, it will also enhance  your experiences, gained an additional skills/ knowledge and interpersonal relationships.

Have a great one!


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