My valuable Time Piece

Yesterday, I had my watch battery replacement at the mall, I wore this time piece on my traumatic incident at home. It has been over a year since the last I've been wearing it. I was kind of in skeptical wearing this watch at first, secondary to it reminded me of the incident. In reality, [...]

The best is yet to come..

We've been juggling from one hotel to another for almost 3 months now. It wasn't easy to hop on and off on each building, but then since our home is still under reconstruction we must hold on our patience very tightly. Their are challenges that we met in between our transitioning; from children school schedule [...]

Too little yet too big…

We are not supposed to judge a person capacity although they are small. The physical appearance are not the measurement of individuals performance.  I remembered one time I was executing an activity in therapy, but an individual refused to participate due to I am a petite looking. With my outmost explanation and safety first thought, finally we've [...]