Dream and Walk through it!

What and where are you seeing yourself several years from now? Are you dreaming for a big change in your life? Are you happy and contented to what are you doing? Or are you thinking of making a 360 degree change?

Before I dreamed of becoming a teacher and be licensed to practice, I  did it. Then, I ventured in therapy world and I made it through also and able to share my passion working with elderly and children along with their family. But then lately my thought process changes. I am looking somewhat challenging and different career field where my highest potential be reach on focusing of helping people in mental health and research-based practices. And guess what? The other day I enrolled in Master of Science in Psychology. It is just a beginning of my new journey in the field of Psychology. Although it is more challenging but the good part of it is that the the foundational skills from teaching and Therapy will be utilized. I am actually excited for this new transition.

How about you? Do you have in mind that you’ve been dreaming of but unable to pose through? It’s your time to think through it. You may have a potential, but were not doing a self evaluation yet.

Good luck!


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