Anything can be Possible!

I went to the highest struggles that I could not ever imagined in my whole life, and here I am still standing and getting stronger.

The toughest one was almost lost my life and physically dependent  in my daily living activities.

Then on my recovery is the acceptance of different physical outlooks. From having a smooth fair skin into a brownish pigmented scar formation on my body with slight deformities on my lips, is a challenge.  People looked at me strange secondary to my physical appearance. Someone could not ever understand how hard it was to be a burn survivor. If you are not strong enough to accept the reality and no strong family and friends support you will be at lost.

I always reminded myself that all of these are just temporary. Once I am back to be in my own  feet, things basically be organized. When I was at the hospital I thought this way to see myself be an inspiration to all, testifying that all will be possible no matter how hard the struggles are.

Do whatever you can execute as your great contributions to the people. Our shared experiences sometimes become an open mind or an eye opener to someone who nearly too close in giving up.

If I did not stay strong in my own beliefs, values and Faith I should not be here sharing my thoughts to all of you. Life is not perfect as you may thought, ups and down are expected. But it can be beautiful in many aspects as long as you’re yearning for it.

Today I officially enrolled in university for Master in Psychology, furthering my education in another career. Prior my injury my thought process was different, I  am contented for what I have. But now it changed. I would like to be a vessel of inspiration to everyone for whatever they are going through. Someday I can utilized myself with an additional skills as living testimony to those experiencing with depression and other related mental issues.

We can do more and make a difference with a strong motivation of ourselves.



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