Perseverance why I needed you?

We succeeded because we persevere. We failed because we gave up.

Can you define perseverance?

It is define as steadfastness of doing something despite difficulty and delay in achieving success.

New American Oxford Dictionary

Personally we have identified plans and goals for ourselves and for other circumstances. We set an allocated time to have it be finished or completed.

Precisely there are several outside forces we have to be considerate of;

Timing… the projection to have it done.

Performances….the work and outcome in between the lines of executing such job.

Delay….problems arises along the way causing set backs of work.

Reformation…adjustment to the goals, planning and may have to adjust from point A to B.

Application…in placing of goals in reality.

The uppermost factors mentioned was the gratification of our complex tasks. Although set backs always happened we have to learn to persevere.

I persevere to overcome my fear and set backs as I am mending my strengths and health.


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