Functioning while Visually Impaired

We can view, describe and perceives anything secondary to our vision functions. What would you feel if one of your eye sight has been affected? You’ll not be able to see well at night time or even at day time. Other than that,  you cannot read properly unless you utilized a visionary tools such as eye glasses or even a magnifying glass.

Vision is very important to all of us. It gives us a clearer view and focal point of anything around us. But once affected, your functions and way of daily living changes.

In my life I never imagined that it will come up to this point having my eyes be visually affected. Precisely, to be visually impaired is not a joke. As I looked back before being a therapist, I understood how our vision will be once impaired. I attended several times on a workshops for poor vision, I really felt bad knowing that vision has different levels of impairment. I wore several vision goggles with degree of impairment on how it feels and looked like as you wear and viewing the environment. Now in my real life I am experiencing the same one. I am suffering now a corneal abrasion on the Left eye which unable to view clearer compared on my Right eye that has been minimally affected too. Both of my eyes has been exposed to the flame during my very tragic incident causing the corneal abrasion.

Although I suffered a poor vision, I still managed to drive cautiously as per opthamologist order, only at Day time. I am using the GPS with voice activation and my car has been equipped with sensor warning for incoming vehicle on both sides and rear view. Thankful that my car also has a rear view camera that I can see the rear view for backing- up.

Being visually impaired is very challenging. When I was at the hospital I know that my eye sight has been affected, due to cloudy view. I became depressed that time, as my life will never be the same as it used to be. I was thinking deeply how am I going to function well? They provided me an eye glasses but it seems I could not see properly. With the help of the opthamologist specialized in cornea problem my vision became much better.

Despite of my impairment I am still aiming for a meaningful life and continuing my soul purpose. Although it may takes time, but filling oneself with motivation and inspiration nothing is impossible.

Courage, resilience, motivation, fate and inspiration are my top secret in over coming my journey!

God is my ultimate Savior!


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