Are you been triggered by your stressors?

A stressor is a chemical or biological agent, environmental condition, external stimulus or an event that causes stress to an organism.[1]


Our body responses to various types of reactions as related to our performances to the environment. Mental ability, socialization skills and coping skills are been triggered.

Stressors that triggers stress to individuals

physical pain ( illnesses }

Workforce ( work demands and expectations)

Life changing event ( divorce, death etc. )

Trauma ( severe injury, accidents )

Chemicals inclination ( smoke, drugs, alcohol )

Daily event ( disorganized, missing things )

Social relationships ( family, friends, coworkers etc. )


I have read an article at @ that provided a free link to download your stress management sheet for personal use. It would be a grateful help if you do so.

Stressed can be Symptomatic

    Body pain
    Trouble concentration
    Increase and decrease appetite
    Sleep deprivation

According to research little stress can be good for it motivate us to take actions, but too much stressed can be problematic.

Psychology Today

Therefore, too little is not enough, too much is dangerous! Better go for ” Just a right challenge “,


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