Why we should not give-up?

We have ups and down in a daily basis. You and me maybe had a good yesterday and then bad outcome for today, situation has changed. Family, work, financial status and friends relationships has an issues. It feels like the whole world is unlikely at your favor.

Do you find a way to have it be solved? Are you giving-up because the situation is too much to handle? Are you feeling hopeless and tired?

I had been through with the same struggles too for me and my family. How did I overcome it? Here are the following tips:

  • Be an open minded individual
  • Think big for positive outcomes
  • Always connect to loved ones
  • Have Faith for possibility
  • Connect yourself to the Lord
  • Believing of your own strength to overcome obstacles
  • Stay humble and aim for peaceful mind
  • Forget and forgive the negativity you encountered.
  • Have room for positive  life everlasting changes

I looked on the other side for being hopeful and endure love above all. Based on the traumatic accident happened, I did not blame anyone. Instead I showed more love and affection to them.

Although my physical outlook has changed, but then they accepted me for who I am. I felt everything the support and compassion from the people that touched my heart from the very beginning and until now. I prayed and thankful to God for all the blessings I had received and for to comes. Bad and good experiences, I still asked to bestow His guidance to me.

Giving-up is not an answer, go forward and continue your purpose.


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