How to ace for a job interview?

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In this competitive world of workforce yourself must be equipped with a powerful tool to be above and beyond of other candidates. The way you presented yourself from the resume to the interview plays a vital role to be chosen among the rest of the applicants. Do you think are you ready to the competitions? Is your resume has been prof read and critiqued by a career coach?

Below are the successful tips to be a successful candidate;


Your resume must be ideally 1-2 pages short and passed a 90 seconds glance by a recruiter. It must utilized an action words that best described your duties from the job. You must be creative on how your resume be looked like. Specifically a searchable word you utilized likely will pop-up on a recruiter searching software. Your have a 50/50 chances to be selected as an ideal applicant by a recruiter.

Professional References

Prefer at least 3-4 professional references related to your current or previous jobs with their form of contact. It should be printed on a separate page. In case they requested you have it ready.

Cover Letter

Have a descriptive cover letter that best describe of you and reason for a job application that makes you the best candidate for the company.


Dressed professionally from head to toes with a good looking outfit. Before heading to a possible interview you must do the following;

      • Place your cover letter, resume, and professional references in a clean transparent folder to be organized—cover letter, resume and professional references
      • Familiarized the vision and mission of the company
      • The WHY of your interest to the company
      • The WHAT and HOW is the best you can offer to the company not what they can offer to you
      • Sale yourself by describing who you are to the best of your abilities and capabilities
      • Have a preferred questions about the company to the interviewer
      • Stay calm and be natural with confident
      • Say ” Thank you” to the interviewer

Congratulate yourself! Now hope for the best. Keep on trying until you find your dream job!


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