Venturing Effective Child’s Fear Management

It’s has been almost a week since the children has been back to school. Everyone from a child, parents, teachers and others who has a direct and indirect relation to the educational system has tremendously adjusted.

Specifically each child expresses their mixed emotions prior, during and after their classes. These has impacted in playing a vital dominant effect as they’re transitioning at school and home.

Precisely, it is understandable to posed an overwhelming reactions to them. Thus, being with in a new environment, teachers, classmates and school systems they are engaging with can be challenging too. As parents, we must open our mind, heart and ears correlated to their shortcomings. We should listen to their concerns and emotions on how they perceived such experiences at school and anywhere. Oftentimes, due to undesirable issues and in connecting to various personnel at school, has an effect of not wanting themselves to be back at school.

So, as parents you have to be an active advocate for your child by involving yourselves to the soonest possible solution you must do. We want our child’s education experiences to be fun as it can be!

The Joy of Learning Starts at Home” – Reyna Loreto Holly

How to effectively help them?

  • Direct talk to the child for their feelings and concern
  • Think positive and be not judgmental
  • Has enough room for positive mindedness
  • Provide desirable feedback to the child
  • Motivate them to get back to school
  • If none of any positive advices works, take the child to school
  • Set an ASAP conference to the teacher, principal and counselor including the child
  • Listen to everyone’s point of view.
  • Ask questions and emphasizes concerns
  • Work together as a Team for positive outcomes
  • Go home with a positive note.
    If same thing ever happen again….do the same steps.
    Enjoy the joy of parenting!

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