How you weight Between Life and Things? Why?

Is Life your priority or the Things that you enjoy with?

What life means to you? Does it served for;

  • Enjoyment
  • Exploration
  • A gift
  • Sharing
  • Relaxation
  • Fulfillment
  • Service to others

WHY  Things are Important to you? It’s because of;

  • Satisfaction
  • Collection
  • Investment
  • Decoration
  • Pleasure

To anybody these are prioritized to Individuals as whatever case it maybe. Only yourself knows what you have set to prioritized for.

Life can be utilized for serving others, mentoring, motivational speaking and set as living testimony of your miracles.

Whereas, for Things it is a temporary stuff, can be obsolete and disappear by times. Some can be valuable to you and to anybody it’s useless.

Nevertheless, for Life you can do various experiences for a purpose. It can be carried out from time to time…priceless!

Your virtue and your values correlated to one another. On the other hand, whatever weights more to you, it’s justifiable based on values and beliefs!

If you asked me ” Life comes firsts before things” .

For by Life I can do more and be in God’s presence as I serve before Him and my fellowmen.

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