When unexpected circumstances struck you off!

Circumstances is a situation where you alone have to face the event. Decision-making and balancing of the issues requires strategic planning for solving. More or less we can come up with a solution based on how specifically it has been set forth. It can be easy or hard outcomes.

The road can be rough and bumpy as you are traveling, but at the end of your journey it is worth rewarding for.” -Reyna Loreto Holly

On these few days we been bombarded with trials. Did it stopped us from moving forward? I should say NO! Let’s us think this way;

We uphold difficulty, to test our capabilities”. -Reyna Loreto Holly

My current road is not as perfect as you may think. Although I am on it, smile and positive mindedness are the key I carry from time to time.

The top key points for Life’s Survival 

  • Embracing your trials-

by  learning to accept your difficulties it gives you an understanding that all of those are just temporarily. Somehow it will be solved, just exercise patience. 

  • Stay calm-

whatever you are currently experiencing, think calmly. People with calm behavior has a better outcome for problem solving compared to others.

  • Excecise

by doing an exercise it helps to Produce the following ; the presence of something good, the brain releases four main ‘feelgood’ chemicals – endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine – and in the presence of danger, the ‘bad feeling’ chemical – cortisol – comes in.

  • Connect to people –

exposure of oneself to someone provides feeling  of belongingness, comfort and love.  It oftentimes a way of resources for information to anything you have in mind. 

  • Going extra miles –

means do the best of your ability. Think outside the box, don’t be a prisoner of your old values and beliefs that don’t strive you for extra miles. 89E5D73B-B908-44EC-9F1C-9C052BC6439C People with determination, motivation and positive thinking in all you do has a better chances of survival and successes. 

“ I am able to moved mountains, because I believed I can” – Reyna Loreto Holly

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