How delighted are you as parents?

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Yesterday marked the first day of school of my children. From after the come and go errands of buying their school supplies, we finally arrived to the most exciting part…be at school!

I appreciated the time granted to my family momentarily. As far as I remember, last year we were all prepared for the school year opening. It was a month shy before the class opening, then the unexpected tragedy happened to me and my whole family.

Oh well! A memories to ponder and a motivational effort to continue. Our life still meaningful and blossoming into a well productive battles.

As parents, we engaged on checking our boys assignments or notes from their teacher. Then helping out to their to do list from school. It was very fulfilling feelings that we can make a difference in the life of our children.

In my case I am doing my my various support for them; as a mother, mentor, therapist and a friend. With this job I am delighted that I have given an opportunity or privilege to be with them again, nurturing/ guiding /helping them grow into a loving, caring and responsible adult of their own. It may not be as perfect as we ever wanted ( it’s a very high expectation ), but the greatest accomplishment, is we mold them with love, compassion and respect to anyone.

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Connections/togetherness plays an important factor into our family values. We nurture them with valuable beliefs rather than gadgets. Reward has been rewarded as they earned it with compassion. They can be challenging sometimes, it’s part of parenting method and it will never ends. We must be thankful that God allow us to bear and rear children of our own. Bravo to all the parents!

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