My Determination and Courage to Recovery after my Open Heart Surgery and Pacemaker Implant

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Last January, 2018,  I went back to the hospital secondary to I started feeling ill and weak again for about 4 days.

The findings from the doctor that I should go for an open heart surgery in replacement of my Aortic Valve due to leakages and for pacemaker implant. It causes the blood flow to unable to passed all the way to the heart which resulted to have an insufficient supply of blood to the organ. If not enough blood passing to the arteries, an oxygen insufficiency will follow accompanied by shortness  of breathe, confusion  and irregular Heartbeat. In which I had experience that time.

After the 4-6 hours open heart surgery, I’ve been brought back to the ICU room for recovery. My Sternal precautions has been imposed, as well as for the pacemaker implant.

The following precautions are:

  • No lifting and pulling-/pushing, bending
  • No lifting for more than a gallon of milk
  • Utilization of heart pillow during sitting  upright and sitting down is a must
  • To decreased discomfort upon coughing the heart pillow should be used
  • No sideways and overhead reaching
  • Utilization of Adaptive devices for grooming, dressing, toileting , showering etc. for safety and maintaining restricted motion

I slept in an supine position with head elevation. Sometimes  I had a sleep deprivation due to pain on my sternum. Oftentimes the pain is undesirable and I  had  anxiousness in an specific times. For my  Activity Daily Living /ADL’s such as dressing, grooming, toileting and showering I need an assistant. The doctor’s protocol is necessary to prevent any further complications during my entire recovery.

It was not an easy  trasnsitioning that time. So, I required an assistant from the medical staff for safety execution of task. I felt somewhat depressed, but I chanelled my mind into a positive thoughts. I walked daily aside from therapy with nurse helped,  to enhance my walking tolerance and for decreased  risk of pneumonia. Throughout my recovery I’m a Supplemental Oxygen dependent due to my Oxygen saturation fluctuations that ranges from 75%-89% with exertion.

I should say that my recovery became somewhat easy and difficult. But then with a powerful prayer from love ones,  I regained my strength. Added to that, my determination and motivational beliefs that everyting will get better, leads to my successful recovery.

“ Believeing yourself with God’s power for Healing is possible and powerful.”

—-Reyna Loreto Holly—

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