What is your greatest Fear? Does it affects yourself?

What is fear?

Fear is define as an emotional and mind/body reaction for threat of danger.

Two Types of Fear

Biochemical which is a universal reaction. It is the amount of adrenaline and stress cortisol in the body, causes to the Fight or Flight threats.

Emotional related to highly individualized responses, anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, happiness etc.

According to psychologist ” To overcome Fear you have to learn embracing your fear”.

We have common Fear in our Life to mention are;

  • Failure
  • Success
  • Rejection
  • Abandonment
  • Embarrassment
  • Expressing of true feelings
  • Pain
  • Loss
  • Illness
  • unknown
  • Death

Habitual principle plays a vital role in overcoming fear. It is a constant exposure to the individual to their fear, it can be scary to them but it does not impose danger , precisely it will develop habituation.

We tends to avoid our greatest fear momentarily, but avoidance is not helpful in overcoming your fear. Henceforth, it will still come back right to you.

Fear can be eliminated by embracing it by ourselves in reality. It can be your failure, success, rejection, illness and so on. I know even talking about it affects to oneself emotionally, it habituates fear for failure to let go.

We are the master piece of our life. The painter of our day to days achievement and journey. There maybe bumps on the roads and smooth travels, still you’re unstoppable.

Impulsive negative decision-making possesses catastrophic reaction to failure. But with a well full mindset inherent positive outcomes to the goals set-forth.

Whatever your greatest fear in your life, be reminded of yourself to “Go for the Win”.

Reflection Keynotes :

” He who overcome his greatest fear is limitless to success”.- Reyna Loreto Holly-

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