How to reduce pain in the body from nerve damage?

What is nerve injury? It is an injury to the nervous tissue. The severity of the pain depends on the nerve injury or damage to the affected area. It can be a sensory or peripheral injury.

Sensory nerve injury – the sensory nerve tissues is damage and someone will be experiencing burning and numbness sensation.

Peripheral nerve injury – the nerve is intact but the signaling ability is damaged. It has an ability to regenerate.

Nerve damage from the burn injury are one of the causes of the pain in my body. The pain is excruciating from my hands to the elbow and feet to my knees. These are causes from the severe burn and skin grafted surgery. It is mostly a constant pain sensation.

How did I manage my pain?

  • I performed on retrograde massage from my hands to elbow and feet to my thighs.
  • Gentle manual stretching of my upper body and lower body
  • Utilization of pressure garments from my hands to elbow and thigh to feet.
  • Using of ace wrapped
  • Desensitization Therapy – is the utilization of various types of objects with different textures to decrease the skin sensitivity to touch.
  • Prescribed pain medication
  • Pain patches/Bio-freeze (pain cream)
  • Manual Therapy
  • I don’t have these terrible pain before, but due to the tragic accident I am dealing it now day to day. There are times that I woke up with stiffness on my body, doing the upper mention pain management helps decreases the pain.
  • “Although these challenges are my daily battlements, my life still goes on. Grateful that I am able to breathe and spent time with my love ones “

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