Determination pays off!

So it’s been over a year now since my severe injury. I’ve been through a lot as I remember that I could not imagine I’ve reached it so far.

Although I am still taking medications and has constant follow-up to my specialist I am grateful to all of these. Great news at least my supplemental Oxygen is as needed. I do require this only if I did extraneous activities causing my oxygen to fluctuated below 90. Energy conservation techniques, pacing myself, Qiqoung/Tai-Chi exercises and Aquatic Therapy tremendously built some strengths and tolerance to oneself.

My skills and knowledge as therapist is a blessing to me. It made me for what and who I become today. Eventually, courage, determination and resilience plays a vital roles to my recovery journey.

Whatever it takes, I always strive for success and survival! People with limited acceptance to hardships and failures are limited to success.

If I can do it! Yes you can too!

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