Pursuing Life’s Trial into a Positive Note

We were on the last three days of packing everything out before we finally  moved out from our rental home. It was only me and my husband are the one doing most of the job which in turns it has been done majority of my husband due to my health conditions from the injury last year. We had a truck rental for a day but due to unavoidable circumstances it becomes 2 days rental so we paid for an extra day. We don’t have so much furniture to transfer, but the antique piano was the one that concerns us due to the heaviness and we could not afford to hire 2 men for labor payment. Take note me and my husband are not working presently, we survived only through our disability payment for a day to days need. But then we managed to survive, as we’ve been practical of our needs not wants.

On a positive side to make it not too stressful, we asked help from our neighbor for a help in transferring the piano to the truck. Holla! It was successful. Then we travelled to Palm Bay while my husband was the one driving a truck while me following in a car with our oldest son with me for safety due to my vision impairment on the left eye. To a surprise my husband has been stopped by a Cop for a reason, then I stopped too. To make the story short, I handed my husband license to the officer and responded to his questions. Long and be hold, praise God no ticket has been given.

So we arrived at the rental storage and ready to unload the boxes and furniture from the truck. Now another problem has arise. How we are going to unload the antique piano which requires three people to successfully transfer the furniture to the storage? I did pray and asked Gods blessings to help us find an answer.

We saw two men in the nearby storage room and we asked help from them. Thanks God they never hesitated to provide an extra hand for free. What a relief! In conclusion, despite of the hurdles we been through from the very beginning, God never failed us.

On a positive note;

Stay Calm in times of stressful situation – no matter what obstacles we are experiencing currently, stay calm in order to be able to think through well of the solution.

Prayer – Ask Gods help for guidance on the recent situation, he hears you and provide help when you asked and in times you needed Him most.

Ask for an Assistance – never hesitate to ask help from people for an extra hand. There is no harm in trying. People usually ready to provide help knowing you are genuine of your intentions.

I am a true believer of ” If you do good things to people, they will provide good things back to you in return “.

There is Love and Power in Humanity!

Spread the Love to the World!

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