The power of prayer…

Yesterday marked my one year rebirth anniversary of my second life. The time just flew so fast that I’m already been in a year of survival since the incident. This is really awesome! It is because God allow me to serve and continue the mission He set before me.

In between my challenges I met along my recovery, I remain stronger of my Faith in Him. I never question His presence. He always their for us in our family when we needed Him the most.

As I continually breathe and remain stable throughout my life span, I am motivated to serve Him and be an inspiration to someone in their life. Your journey may not be the same as mine but I know that it will get better as time goes by. Always strive for survival and in aiming to go forward. Don’t be stressed out of your current obstacles, get up and sail for something better. Those who never welcome challenges are limited to life’s fulfillment.

My journey is limitless!

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